Keeping Your Dryer Working Effectively

One of the easiest ways to keep your dryer running efficiently is to clean out its lint trap, screen and vent.

Over time lint will build up in these areas and prevent your dryer from moving air efficiently, causing your dryer to work harder to dry clothes and use more energy in the process. (Of course, if you can hang out your clothes you won’t have to go through this process nearly as much)

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Overloading your Washing Machine

overloading your washing machine

Today’s washing machines are bigger than ever and it’s tempting to cram in “just one more” thing — but don’t. Even large-capacity machines have their limits. When they’re too full, water and detergent won’t reach everything, dirt gets trapped, and clothing doesn’t get clean. Plus, overloading causes unnecessary wear on your washer and excess fabric wrinkling.

If your Washing Machine and needs repairing has been damaged due to any of the above reasons contact us

Caring for your Electrical Appliance

It is not unusual to be regularly asked by customers to “service” their appliance. Unlike motor vehicles, it is more a case of taking care of the appliance properly as opposed to any regular servicing. Below are a few hints on caring for your electrical appliance.


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