Dryer Repair

We service all major brands including:

  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Electrolux
  • Hoover
  • Simpson
  • Westinghouse
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Maytag

It is not unusual to be regularly asked by customers to “service” their appliance. Unlike motor vehicles, it is more a case of taking care of the appliance properly as opposed to any regular servicing.

dryer repair

Below are a few hints on caring for your appliances.

Dryers and Dryer Repair Prevention


Dryers must have adequate airflow to ensure efficient operation. When a dryer cannot discharge the heat properly, it will overheat and cut out on thermal overload. Therefore when in use make sure that wherever it is installed that you have a window or door open.


If you use your dryer quite often and it has not been cleaned out for a few years, then you could well have a fire hazard on your hands. The more often you use it, the faster the build-up of fluff inside. We have seen dryers ignite because they have never been cleaned out. Do not attempt to clean it out yourself unless qualified to do so. But remember, it is much cheaper to keep your dryer safe and in good working order than it is to deal with the consequences of a house fire.

dryer repair


Like all appliances, dryers have a load rating. Stay within the stated load and it will last so much longer.

Wet clothes

Dryers are designed to dry clothes after they have been spun dry. Do not put wet clothes into a dryer. Water and electricity do not mix!


Dryer filters are designed to capture the fluff generated during use. They really do need regular cleaning to ensure good airflow and to minimise the build-up of fluff in the machine itself. Check the filter after every use. That is such a simple, but effective way of caring for your dryer and keeping it working to maximum efficiency.

The above “handy hints” have been put together from years of experience with Zodiac Appliances and are general in nature. If though, you have other “handy hints” for the care of your appliance, please feel free to e-mail them via this web site and they will be put on (with recognition of the author) for other people to learn from.

We have a few tips and hints on how to keep your dryer working effectively after your dryer repair or service.

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