Keeping Your Dryer Working Effectively

One of the easiest ways to keep your dryer working effectively is to clean out its lint trap, screen and vent.

Over time lint will build up in these areas and prevent your dryer from moving air efficiently, causing your dryer to work harder to dry clothes and use more energy in the process. (Of course, if you can hang out your clothes you won’t have to go through this process nearly as much)

Follow these easy steps to clean out the lint from your dryer and get it working efficiently.

Depending on the design of your dryer the lint trap will either be on the top of the dryer or located just inside the door.

1. Remove the lint screen from the lint trap. Simply grab the end of the screen and give it a gentle pull. The screen should lift out fully from the dryer.

2. Clear the lint-free from the screen.  Once you’ve scraped a small bit free from the screen use it to remove the remaining lint. Like a snowball rolling down the hill, the lint will attract to itself and aid in the removing process. Once it’s removed, toss the lint into the garbage bag.

3. Use your vacuum cleaner and use a soft brush attachment to clean the screen. Turn on the vacuum and simply run the attachment over the screen. This will remove any remaining lint from the screen.

5. Once the lint trap is clean, put the lint screen back into place. It’s as easy as it sounds, simply take the lint screen (now cleaned) and put it back into the cleaned lint trap.

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