Mobile Appliance Repairs

Mobile Appliance Repairs

Zodiac Appliances offers a mobile appliance repairs service for washing machines, clothes dryers and electric ovens in suburbs from Beelier, across to Byford and down to Mandurah. We offer a wide range of services.

There is a call-out fee for this service, but that fee is always included in the total price of the repair job.  Most repairs are completed in one visit and of course, we guarantee our work.


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  1. Rebecca McCarthy says

    Hi, Could I please get an approximate quote to get an underwire removed from an Electrolux front loaded washing machine? Thank you in Advance Rebecca

  2. Delores Lyon says

    Thanks for sharing this. My washing machine has been making some weird noises, and I think it could be a precursor to a complete breakage. I want to make sure that I fix the damage before things can get any worse. I’ll definitely be sure to find a repair contractor like this that will guarantee their work.

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